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How to hack Whatsapp without using Whatsapp Spy App

Introduction: Whatsapp is a social media messenger application that allows people to communicate with each other with the help text, images and other multimedia. People can easily hack your whatsapp account without installing any third party application in your phone. Your parents and your partner will need your phone only for few minutes in order to be a whatapp hacker online.

Hacking whatsapp without whatsapp spy download: There are two different methods that can be easily executed by anyone. All people need is the basic technical information before using these methods:


  1. MAC Address spoofing: Whatsapp has a vulnerability that allows the same account to run two different devices with same MAC address. You need to follow these simple steps in order to hack whatsapp:
  2. Note down the MAC address of the target device.
  3. Uninstall whatsapp from your device.
  4. Change the MAC address of your device with the MAC address of target’s device.
  5. Reinstall whatsapp and see the magic.
  6. Again change the MAC address into your old MAC address.
  7. Using Whatsapp Web QR Code: Another vulnerability of whatsapp is that once you have logged in your computer using QR code of your whatsapp web, you will not be logged out unless you do it manually. This can be used to hack into whatsapp account just by scanning the QR code on the computer of the person who wants to hack. It is quite easy and sometimes untraceable if you don’t have enough knowledge.

Conclusion: Technology has given us many wonderful gifts but it’s in our hand to use them for good purpose or for bad. Hacking whatsapp using whatsapp spy application is only a good thing if it is done for the safety of your loved ones. Make sure to stay safe from hacking.

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